I typically see myself as a lazy blogger. As you will notice this post is after a long sabbatical of blogging. And these series of photos are from my trip to Andaman and Nicobar a year back. Hence, I picked the title nostalgia.

Life is so short and I believe in not waiting till my retirement to travel. I look forward to every special occasion to take a trip. I feel thats money well spent. And every year around my birthday seems the right time to do just that. Last year a picnic on the beach and scuba diving for the 1st time was the happiest moment of my life and the best gift I could give myself.

I will encourage anyone and everyone, if ever you have the opportunity to visit Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar islands then you must. The list of things to do here are endless. We started off discovering the history of this place by visiting Kaala Pani- the most famous Cellular Jail in Asia. And from here, ferried off to Ross Island prison Head Quarters. Mainly abandoned now with dilapidated structures post Tsunami but definitely worth a visit. Stayed here a couple of hours revisiting the history of Indian Independence.

Rest of the trip we spent getting our feet wet and soaking in the sun. Andaman island is definitely not dirt cheap by Indian standards but eat local & travel on rented bikes, that can help you save a few pennies. The toughest part of this trip for a non adventurous person like me was to push myself to do something different. I wonder now that if I would have never done my first scuba dive here, I would have regretted it for the rest of my life.

Most resorts here have their own diving instructors and our resort- Munjoh had one of the best instructors and diving gears. It was great how they cajoled me into making this monumental decision. I was pretty worried and phobic first but few minutes into the training i was prepared to get out there. And am I glad or what I took the step or dive into it. The world under the water is the most surreal. The flora and fauna were so overwhelming and that it was spiritual experience. If there is paradise on earth then this is it.

There is no night life as such in Andaman and Port Blair but you can always dine and have beer on the private beach of the resort. But don’t forget to carry that sun-block for daytime and mosquito repellent for the nights.

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