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Gaurav and Katie former roommates and currently married spent lot of their courtship period enjoying food, energies and lifestyle in Singapore. Their friendship deepened during their long walks on East Coast Park and dinners at Arab street. The idea of this photo-shoot was to revisit their dating days and give a glimpse of the same to friends and relatives.

Shooting them together, madly in love against the backdrop of beautiful Singapore is truly one of the sweetest experiences. Crazily adorable couple sharing their love story.

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Amazing Handmade Jewelry Design work From the Brand nine by thirty that is based out of Singapore.

Another assignment of styling and photography for my portfolio.

Styling and Photography : Kruti Kothari

Food Styling/ Cooking  – Kruti Kothari

Photographer – Shiv Kumar Dhale

Magazine – Parenting Booklet, Femina Magazine, WWM Publication India

Date Balls



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Once upon a time on a vacation far away, where life was anti tragedy and full of comedy and romance…