Life in Singapore a year down the lanewickedtoys thaipu streets restuarant paint monroe kid cycle color chairs It isn’t true that Singapore is about nothingness. If you hang out and try new places you can learn to fly here too. This place is helping me in self development and making me realize my nature in relation with the city and spaces. Magic can be known and made by oneself in any situation and location. Changing perspectives.


Happy working and collaborating with new people in Singapore. A pop restaurant event of handmade italian pasta paired with Australian wines. Making a rule of trying out new work. Production work for the event and Photography are done by me.

Pop Up Restuarant

Pop Up Restuarant

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Exploring the skyscapes

Exploring the skyscapes

Documenting Daily life in singapore and providing my followers a peep into culture and life here.


Everyday Glories

Patches from everyday life.

Beautiful things make your heart go stronger

Lets live gypsy style



Amazing Handmade Jewelry Design work From the Brand nine by thirty that is based out of Singapore.

Another assignment of styling and photography for my portfolio.

Styling and Photography : Kruti Kothari

tranqabar madness#

tranqabar madness#

BIts and pieces of religion and people…

Kaleidoscope wanderings in puducherry by night

Kaleidoscope wanderings in puducherry by night


The innovative artist who turned around the Indian art scene with the progressive art movement.

The textures and details of his work are like poetry to the eyes. Still developin his ideas at the age of 91, he is sheer doze of inspiration.



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Australia Love

Sunshine Coast Vacation. Life is all about travelling.