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Mornings that begin with brunches are my favorite kind of days. And Tiong Bahru is just the place one should be if they are in a similar frame of mind.  If you ever find yourself lost in this locality of Singapore there are a bunch of places that one must try. Plain vanilla bakery for their cupcakes, books actually if you are into stories, 40 hands coffee and drips bakery for some amazing coffee,Tiong Bahru bakery and flock cafe for some good old egg brunch goodies.

Don’t worry about the weight gain. You can always go for a walk in this old world charm locality to shed of some extra kilos.

And if you are like me then end up having more goodies while discovering Tiong Bahru.

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IMG_0756Gaurav and Katie’s love story started 2 years back when they started living in as room mates. Little did they know that the universe was conspiring to get them together. And cut to the present day where the proposal happened in the most romantic city in the world -Paris. It came as a total surprise to the to-be-bride. Though the magic of being in Paris did all the hard-work for Gauarv and the bride couldn’t stop her heart from saying yes. The next couple of months unlike other people this couple didn’t waste time in planning an extravagant wedding. They just got a licensed solemnizer in Singapore to get them married off…


There was no Bollywood twist to this story as the parents had happily agreed. As unconventional as they could get they got married in a hotel lobby where Katie was wearing a adorable red dress with a black cat brooch and to match her quirkiness Gaurav wore a red bow-tie.


The registration location and post dinner celebrations was like a treasure hunt for the friends as it was messaged just before the signing ceremony. Indeed it was an exciting event for everybody who was involved. The celebrations kick started with parading on the bay front and ended with a lovely chocolate, wine and dessert buffet at the Marina Bay sands.

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Loved shooting every bit of this occasion. The sweet and quirky details made this fete indeed very memorable.


Life in Singapore a year down the lanewickedtoys thaipu streets restuarant paint monroe kid cycle color chairs It isn’t true that Singapore is about nothingness. If you hang out and try new places you can learn to fly here too. This place is helping me in self development and making me realize my nature in relation with the city and spaces. Magic can be known and made by oneself in any situation and location. Changing perspectives.

Everyday Glories

Patches from everyday life.

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For cranes at dusk

Exterior Singapore at dusk…

IMG_0247Visual Sundae

From out of the maroon

The Great Wall Art

During a dreamy walk through the tunnel in singapore. Location – Boat Quay

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Springtime in India