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This is another retrospective of a holiday in Bali on Balinese New Year. I wont go on about what a fun and beautiful place Bali is, ’cause it’s already spoken about so much. But what is also a must see and experience aspects about Bali is the Balinese New Year – locally called as Nyepi. Which also happens to be today 28th March 2017. This tropical place is bursting with so much culture and lot of their culture mythologically overlaps with Indian culture. Unlike what people go to Bali for the fun & frolic, Nyepi is all about bringing in the new year by maintaining silence and self-reflection. And Nyepi literally means “Day of Silence”. How serious are they about this day is that no one is allowed on the beaches or streets and one day in the year when the airport is shut. The rituals for bringing in the New Year are performed for 3-4 days. Visually and spiritually what appealed to me the most was Bhuta Yajna ritual which is performed to vanquish all the negative energies to create a a balance of God, Mankind and Nature. IMG_1492

The ogoh ogoh – demonic statues are paraded on the streets of the villages to appease Bhuta Kala. This process helps in purification. All of this resonated with a lot of hindu philosophies and mythologies I have grown up on.


The festival in a lot ways helped me personally. You could say it was my Eat, Pray and Love experience. I felt free as bird as I got rid of a lot of baggage just being around this atmosphere of total silence. When you see the ogoh ogoh burn to ashes, you feel that you getting rid of your own bad energies.


Standing at the crossroad of  the village with the entire show of parade with the effigies  was an overwhelming experience.  Even with the humidity and heat, it’s always a good reason to rediscover yourself. Happy Balinese New year to all out there! To all the souls who want some cleansing from their dark demons and shadows.




On the roads in the neighborhood and blending into it.IMG_1228
























Without knowing the reason why…












Feeling non apologetic about the passing nights and days.IMG_1206












Learning hard lessons in life.












Collecting art, poetry and knowledge on the way


Every second of your public life will go noticed. Makes us little less of humans and more of animals in a zoo. Freedom of space is not as it seems.

Roaming on the streets everything will look in harmony. You did be considered a monster if you try to break this harmony. 100 days of Living-krutikothari

Exploring the skyscapes

Exploring the skyscapes

Documenting Daily life in singapore and providing my followers a peep into culture and life here.


tranqabar madness#

tranqabar madness#

BIts and pieces of religion and people…


The innovative artist who turned around the Indian art scene with the progressive art movement.

The textures and details of his work are like poetry to the eyes. Still developin his ideas at the age of 91, he is sheer doze of inspiration.



IMG_1577 IMG_1576

Australia Love

Sunshine Coast Vacation. Life is all about travelling.


Fall in love with the artist!

At the age of 85 and he still paints with the zeal of an 18 year old.


China Town Lane

Hello, Head

The cushions unlimited

happy Monroe


Juhu Beach, Mumbai Story

Sugary Tomorrows Machine that measures your weight on a weighing scale and tells about your Future.

An installation show happening everyday at evenings by the beach in Mumbai.

Art Installation showcase in real part of the world. Must experience by all~

Flying Future

Dooms Day

Nothing is Forever

Promises of Magic and Miracles

More the weight – Bigger and Better Life