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On the roads in the neighborhood and blending into it.IMG_1228
























Without knowing the reason why…












Feeling non apologetic about the passing nights and days.IMG_1206












Learning hard lessons in life.












Collecting art, poetry and knowledge on the way



Every second of your public life will go noticed. Makes us little less of humans and more of animals in a zoo. Freedom of space is not as it seems.

Roaming on the streets everything will look in harmony. You did be considered a monster if you try to break this harmony. 100 days of Living-krutikothari

Life in Singapore a year down the lanewickedtoys thaipu streets restuarant paint monroe kid cycle color chairs It isn’t true that Singapore is about nothingness. If you hang out and try new places you can learn to fly here too. This place is helping me in self development and making me realize my nature in relation with the city and spaces. Magic can be known and made by oneself in any situation and location. Changing perspectives.

tranqabar madness#

tranqabar madness#

BIts and pieces of religion and people…

IMG_1577 IMG_1576

Australia Love

Sunshine Coast Vacation. Life is all about travelling.

IMG_0247Visual Sundae

From out of the maroon

Singapore Unfurled at the Singapore Art Musemum.
It was a hectic and live experience!

in the wee hours of the morning, the technicians against the chroma background

the director on the sets

I love lights

The Ad shoot in bombay

Structures and Architecture

Textures and Light

Faith and Art