I was browsing through loads of blogs and i came across these. Really liked them so typing them down 🙂

1. Make Lists ( all my dairies are filled with these)

2. try free writing ( Writers Block)

3. Be otherworldly ( no wonder my boyfriend fails to understand me)

4. take breaks ( Cliche)

5. Drink coffee/ tea ( thats what i do in my breaks)

6. Listen to new music ( I wonder if there is any interesting music being made nowadays)

7. Surround yourself with creative people ( Well truthfully this just gives me a complex most of the times)

8 Collaborate ( been there, done that)

9. Practice, practice, practice (What)

10. Go somewhere new ( No money to this)

11. Watch Foreign Films (I like this 1)

12. take risks ( Every single day, every single penny)

13. Do more of what makes you happy ( lazing around)

14. Read a new blogs everyday ( Thats where i stumbled on these ways)

15. Stop tryin to be someone elses perfect ( I m still trying to find my perfection)

16. Clean your workspace ( have to create one)

17. Finish Something ( All of the above)